Welcome to the Northwest Women’s Wheelers Network

Northwest Women Wheeler's Network is a social and support group consisting of wheelchair using women from all "walks" of life. Ages range from 20s to 70s. Our group was formed after an SCI forum on women's issues at the University of Washington Medical Center. Most of our members have spinal cord injuries, but we also have members with MS and other disabilities. Our members reside in the Greater Seattle/Tacoma area. We also have members in Oregon and one in California. Activities include an annual family picnic, holiday party, community action committee, and social and sporting events. We also have a members-only online forum and an email listserv. New members are carefully screened. Email addresses are never shared outside the group and no spam will be received. We welcome new members. If you’d like to join us, send a brief bio about yourself to “info at nwwwn.org”